No Smaller Than the World

Released : October 2015
Label :
Broom Bezzums - No Smaller Than the World

Winner of the German Record Critics’ Award (read more)

“The new album from “Broom Bezzums” …shows impressively how the duo has developed. Good song material from their own pens dominates the repertoire, and the arrangements of the pieces make skillful use of dramatic structure and have choruses that linger in your ear. Folk songs in the best sense of the word.” – Deutschlandradio Kultur

A very carefully constructed and sophisticated album, with which Broom Bezzums have again underlined that they are world-class.” –

“Songs in which every note, every arrangement, every little sound idea is consistent with the whole… The album has no weak track, the careful work holds out for the generous full hour…and some songs, especially the modern shanty “Keep Hauling” have the added aggravating circumstance of blocking the ear channels for days! …Let’s keep the footballing analogy: With No Smaller Than The World, Broom Bezzums have qualified for the Champions League!” -Folker Magazine (Germany)

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Five years in the making and more varied than ever, “No Smaller than the World” condenses everything that Broom Bezzums do best into a generous album that holds the attention for a full hour. A good number of the songs have been live favourites at Broom Bezzums gigs over the last few years and their fans have been eagerly awaiting recorded versions to take home.

No Smaller than the World consists of mostly original songs from Mark and Andrew. Katie’s spellbinding song “Passing Through” contains the line that supplied the title for the album and is a coherent mix of folk elements and subtle Indian inflections. There are two traditional songs – a full band reworking of the ancient English anti-war song High Germany, which makes full use of Mark’s drumming skills, and an atmospheric, stripped down fiddle-singing rendition of Northumbrian favourite Bonny at Morn.

Track Listing

1. Cold Winds Blow 4:05
2. Keep Hauling 3:37
3. Here We Go Again 3:28
4. Ashgill Force Rant 3:32
5. Passing Through 4:20
6. Fishing in Troubled Waters 4:55
7. High Germany 3:19
8. Bonny at Morn 3:36
9. Katie & Stephen of Nookton Farm 4:40
10. Down by the River 5:04
11. Bare Knuckle 2:58
12. Hen in the Pen 4:00
13. The Drawbridge 4:15
14. Who Stole My Love 5:00
15. Way Down Yonder 4:45

Total running time: 62 minutes

Artists Appearing On This Album

Mark Bloomer, Andrew Cadie & Katie Doherty
With Keike Faltings, Gudrun Walther, Jürgen Treyz, Ian Stephenson, Andy May, Holly & Ella Smith, Jules Cadie, Goodwin & Gray, Brian Haitz, Michaela Grüß, Sebastian Ruin, Julia Vardigans

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