Wine From A Mug

Released : April 2011
Label :

With “Wine From A Mug”, Broom Bezzums have again broadened the musical spectrum. Not only the excellent adaptation of a Woody Guthrie evergreen, “Columbus Stockade Blues”, which is sung with breath-taking intensity by Mark Bloomer demonstrates that the two can look musically far beyond the british borders. The full-band title song could also have come from Calexico. The opener, “Empires” is also not only pure folk, but shines with brilliant guitar, drums (Mark) and trumpet (Andrew) backing.

Track Listing

1. Empires (Andrew Cadie)
2. Wine from a Mug (Mark Bloomer)
3. Trish's Reel / The Mildew (Andrew Cadie)
4. Beg Blag and Steal (Andrew Cadie)
5. Columbus Stockade Blues (Trad., Arr. Broom Bezzums)
6. Alston Flower Show / Stagshaw Bank Fair / The Lads of Alnwick (Trad., Arr. Broom Bezzums)
7. Lucy Wan (Trad. Arr. Broom Bezzums)
8. The Empire Windrush (Mark Bloomer)
9. New Road to Tynemouth / Bellingham Boat / Holey Ha'penny (Trad.)
10. The Liberties / Lilburn Reel (Andrew Cadie)

Artists Appearing On This Album

Andrew Cadie – vocals, fiddle, guitar, Northumbrian pipes, pots and pans, trumpets, viola
Mark Bloomer – vocals, guitar, mandola, drums

Katie Doherty – vocals
Ian Stephenson – double bass, melodeon
Andy May – Northumbrian pipes (track 9), piano, Rhodes, harmonium, organ
Jürgen Treyz – dobro

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