Music for the Big Screen

We have some exciting news! Our song, Keep Hauling, which appears on No Smaller Than The World, has been taken up by Fisherman’s Friends as the title track of their forthcoming album. And it’s no ordinary album too, as it is also the soundtrack of the upcoming feature film entitled Fisherman’s Friends, based on the true story of their rise to international fame.

The song is a firm favourite with Broom Bezzums audiences, with its sea shanty call and response – though written by Andrew Cadie in his land-locked home town. It’s a song about standing up for what you believe in.

Keep Hauling has also been popularised by Show of Hands who regularly perform it live and have involved various choirs in the performances too, including at the Albert Hall.

Here’s a little taster of the film. It looks great and comes out in March! Fisherman’s Friends Film

Mark Bloomer & Andrew Cadie <> Powerful New Folk