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Winterman CD

In 2012 Broom Bezzums used the hottest days of summer to produce a themed Winter/Christmas album. Initially it was intended to accompany their annual Winter Carol Tour, but has been selling steadily all year round.

Shortly after release some of the tracks were play-listed on German culture stations HR2 and SWR2 and featured on channels such as SWR3 and WDR 2 (equivalent to BBC Radio 1) and SWR1 (R2 equivalent). In the UK tracks were played on many BBC local stations and the album was well received in the press.

Winterman CD cover

Winterman is a full scale production featuring the usual Bezzums instrumentation and also reflecting the band’s growing use of percussion at live gigs. Occasional 3rd Bezzum Katie Doherty adds her vocals to many of the songs and there is a  pipes duett featuring Northumbrian pipes guru Andy May.

Most of the tracks are traditional folk songs and tunes with a winter or Christmas theme. The album also features ‘Salt Sea and Coal’, an upbeat folk-carol composed by Katie Doherty, plus a suprise re-working of a well known Christmas hit.

In true Bezzums style the CD offers a whole gamut of emotions, from a critical and sometimes subversive view of the festive season, right through to all out party atmosphere.

The album title is taken from the title of the eponymous drawing by Jules Cadie, featured on the front cover. The artist was also commissioned to create further pictures, inspired by songs on the album, to adorn the pages of the CD booklet.

Winterman is available online as CD or download and at live gigs all year round.

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For a preview of all the tracks on Winterman, click here

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