Arise you sons of freedom


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The 12-track debut CD contains material from several centuries, mostly charting the struggles of the common man against cruel rulers and greedy factory owners. Alongside traditional miners’ songs and Northumbrian dance tunes are contemporary numbers penned with a strong feel for the tradition.

Shearer’s #9, a haunting football themed slow reel (!) composed by Mark Bloomer, contrasts with the closing track Chains of Tyranny, Andrew Cadie’s modern-day mantra about increasing corporate tampering in global politics. “Arise you sons of freedom” was recorded live in the studio in order to capture the electric atmosphere of Bloomer and Cadie’s live performances, which are fast gathering a devoted following in their adopted home of Germany, and are set to do the same on their maiden visit to England early next year.

The pair combine close harmony singing, fiddle, guitars, mandolin and Northumbrian pipes in densely-sculpted arrangements, balancing proficient playing with an explosive punk edge. German weekly Die Rheinpfalz described Broom Bezzums music as crafted, honest and absolutely authentic…very soulful…a breathtaking fireworks display of technically impressive playing.