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New Christmas EP from Broom Bezzums – World-Beat-Wassail!

Now for something completely different…

Broom Bezzums have made an EP with three new songs plus an old favourite and offer a somewhat different take on the Christmas Spirit. The main themes of the new songs are celebration and friendship, but they haven’t forgotten their political edge.

Round the Houses – EP
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Round the Houses EP - Cover

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The title track Round the Houses is a catchy, danceable, good-time track, orchestrated like a world – beat number, but written in the style of a traditional folk song!

Driven by Mark’s Bhangra-style drum beat and a funky bass line, peppered with percussion and brass stabs and filled out with fiddle, mandola and acoustic guitar; the surprising thing here is that it is the work of a folk duo – Andrew and Mark play every single instrument on the recording.

The lyrics are a comical look back over the year’s stories. The butcher mysteriously disappears with a horse, the Prime Minister turns in to the devil and the bankers run off with all the money. But in the end, it’s about people recognising the good in one another and helping each other out.

The big harmonies on the introduction and choruses allude to typical drunken Christmas sing-alongs in pubs and out on the streets. Here they are helped out by regular guest singer Katie Doherty.

And just when you think the sound can’t get any bigger, in comes a “Santana – style” electric guitar for the all-singing, all-dancing finale. Broom Bezzums put the “Santa” in to “Santana” for their release this Christmas!

The other tracks on this EP include the easy going You Know Yourself, recounting a busker’s observations on the ironic lack of Christmas spirit in the pre-Christmas rush. Alongside Mark’s evocative lyrics, there is a guest appearance from Baltic Crossing and Kan multi instrumentalist Ian Stephenson on double bass and button accordion. The soundscape is rounded off with Katie Doherty’s atmospheric vocal layers before the band launch in to a rousing reel to bring the song to a close.

All in the Giving is an intimate, stripped-back song that muses on finding happiness in human interaction in the hard winter months and laments growing pressures to participate in consumerism as a false substitute for fulfilment.

The EP is rounded off with A Soulin’, one of the most popular tracks from Broom Bezzums’ 2012 album, Winterman and a real foot stomping favourite at the bands many gigs.

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