Winter Carol Tour – December 2015

Winter Carol Tour 2015 to Feature Return of Keike Faltings, Friesian Folk Singer

Keike Faltings aus Friesland

Keike Faltings from Friesian Band Kalüün

After the successes of previous years, Broom Bezzums are to hit the icy roads again for Winter Carol Tour in December.

The band are pleased to announce that Keike Faltings from the Friesian folk band Kalüün (who won the German Record Critics Prize) is to join them for this tour as third member.

In 2015 the tour will be throughout Germany from 3rd -14th December and will feature favourites from the 2012 Winterman CD, some selected material from the new CD No Smaller than the World and some arrangements of beautiful, little-known Christmas folk songs from the Friesian islands.

The Winterman CD – which makes a great Christmas present – is available at gigs and online. For a preview of the music and other information, click here

Broom Bezzums are looking forward to an exciting set with all the emotions of the season covered, from critical and even subversive views of Christmas time to all out Yultide party atmosphere.

3rd Dec 2015 24376 Kappeln – Folk Club Ostangeln  
Bez Begegnungszentrum
Ellenberger Straße 27, 24376 Kappeln, Germany
4th Dec 2015 24943 Flensburg – Ev. Gemeindezentrum Engelsby  
Brahmstr. 13, 24943 Flensburg, Germany
5th Dec 2015 25813 Husum – Speicher  
Hafenstraße 17, 25813 Husum, Germany
6th Dec 2015 22549 Hamburg – Heidbarghof Osdorf  
16:00 Adventscafé
Langelohstr. 141, 22549 Hamburg, Germany
7th Dec 2015 31683 Obernkirchen – Kulturfenster  
Bergamtstraße 12, 31683 Obernkirchen, Germany
8th Dec 2015 31626 Haßbergen – Alte Kapelle  
Kapellenstraße 10, 31626 Haßbergen, Germany
9th Dec 2015 61381 Friedrichsdorf – Garniers Keller  
Hugenottenstr. 117, 61381 Friedrichsdorf, Germany
10th Dec 2015 46414 Rhede – Akku Rhede  
Blues Rhede, Kirchstraße 9, 46414 Rhede, Germany
11th Dec 2015 69493 Hirschberg-Leutershausen – Olympia Kino  
Hölderlinstr. 2, 69493 Hirschberg-Leutershausen, Germany
12th Dec 2015 72622 Nürtingen – Club Kuckucksei  
Neckarstraße 14, 72622 Nürtingen, Germany
13th Dec 2015 89075 Ulm – Charivari  
Stuttgarter Straße 13, 89075 Ulm, Germany
14th Dec 2015 81369 Munich – Ars Musica im Stemmerhof – Folk Club 
Plinganserstr. 6, 81369 Munich, Germany

Winter Carol Tour Video (von 2013 mit Katie Doherty als Gastsängerin)

Keike Faltings live mit der Band ‘Tween Bottles

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